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Pension Pretty
Anenské údolí 501
512 46 Harrachov
Czech Republic

Pension Pretty - accommodation Harrachov

Pension Pretty accommodation Harrachov

Pretty in Harrachov Pension offers comfortable accommodation with half board in one of the most famous Czech mountain resorts. Harrachov village lies on the border of the western part of Giant Mountains and Jizera Mumlava River Valley. Convenient location Harrachov the Devil's Mountain, with open countryside to the north, his predestined fate. He became an important center of winter sports and recreation.

Pretty Pension accommodation in Harrachov
The pension Pretty in Harrachov are available double rooms with private bathroom. Pretty On the floor of the guesthouse in Harrachov is available microwave oven, kettle and fridge. The Pretty Pension in Harrachov's own parking.

Pretty Pension accommodation in Harrachov services
Pretty in Harrachov Pension offers its guests an outdoor seating area with fireplace and open fire. If you prefer to relax, pension Pretty in Harrachov has a solarium for guests and sauna. The pension Pretty in Harrachov you can enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet and a good lunch or dinner you can go into a stylish restaurant with a fireplace.

Accommodation in Harrachov Pension Pretty culture
Those interested in cultural activities will find in cinema, several music clubs and discos. The public events include regular meetings with Krakonoš, the traditional celebration of the mythical "protector of the mountains." Enthusiasts interested in the history of the glass museum, Mining Museum, Ski Museum of Forestry and hunting or exposure.

Accommodation in Harrachov Pension Pretty neighborhood
Harrachov is a center of tourism and winter sports and the whole surrounding area is literally interwoven with numerous hiking and biking trails, dozens of kilometers of groomed and marked ski tracks and ski slopes of all levels. The dominant city is definitely a mammoth ski jump. Thanks to the excellent ski facilities Harrachov is a frequent host of different races, the most famous of them are just jumping on the mammoth bridge, whose record is over 210 meters. Not only in the winter takes everyone a huge springboard for Montenegro, apart from him there is still a further 7 minor bridges, some with artificial turf allowing jumps in the summer. During a trip to Montenegro, you can ride a cable car and have overcome the height difference of 300 meters.